Maja is working as a staff photographer for Getty Images based in Germany.

Started career freelancing in Israel/Palestine in 2008 for Slovenian newspaper Delo and Associated Press.
Was an intern at Associated press (AP) in Berlin, Germany, from March 2009 – Oct 2009 and
in Jerusalem, Israel, April 2010 – July. Later worked for second biggest German newsagency Dapd till April 2013 and later till 2015 at DPA.

Was among ten commented young photographers in 2008 for Ian Parry Scolarship
Won award for the best reportage in 2009 the culture magazine Emzin the best Slovenian Photography awards and also won Slovenian Press Photo award in 2009 for Best Photo story and Best Photo single in News category.
3th Prize in the category of “Urban life” at Israeli Local testimony awards 2010.
Was among 100 young photographers in 2009 to attend Eddie Adams Workshop in New York.
1st Prize at Slovenian Press Photo Sport in 2015. 2nd Prize for "Bild des Jahres" bei DPA 2015. 3th Prize for Nikon Photo Competition 2015.

Had work published in International Herald Tribune, The New York Times, Time, The Guardian, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, Haaretz, Jerusalem Post, Independent and other international newspapers and magazines as well in most German publications.

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